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On Jan. 1, 2021, Cosner-Neipp celebrated 20 years of operations in the Indian Wells Valley. 

Timothy Neipp started fixing computers as a side business in January 2001.  Within a few months, there was enough demand for his services that he was able to quit his job at B&L Business Machines  that next year. He built an 8 x 12 shed in his back yard and used that as a workshop until the growing operations moved to the present location at 109 N. Sanders St.

As Timothy’s family grew (today, he has six children), so did Cosner-Neipp.  Within a short time his services grew to include network design and installation, custom builds, repairs and more.  In 2007, Timothy’s former boss approached him about buying B&L, and Cosner-Neipp added copier sales, service, and repair to their offerings.  Cosner-Neipp has continued to expand, and now offers security systems and internet service as well. 

Our technology team has also grown to include Adam Clayson, Ben Bockhahn, Jason Swing, Gabriel Neipp and Peter Neipp. In 2020, Timothy’s wife, Rebecca, joined the team as a strategic communications consultant. Kelly Cosner was hired as a second communications consultant in 2022. 

We are thankful that our dedicated team and loyal customers helped us to reach this milestone.  Moving ahead, we look forward to better identifying and understanding the ever-changing technologies upon which we all increasingly rely.  We will also continue to strive to meet the needs of you, our clients, as the demand for high-quality customer service remains the same.  

Timothy Neipp

Timothy has been serving the technical needs of the Indian Wells Valley and surrounding areas for almost three decades. While providing service to his clients at B & L Business Machines (where Timothy served as a copier, printer and typewriter technician since 1995) he was frequently asked where customers should bring their computers for service. Seeing limited local options for this need, he began working on computers in his spare time in 2001. By 2002, he took the leap with Cosner-Neipp full time. 

Over the years he has expanded into network security and design, copier maintenance and repair, security systems, wireless internet service and more. Tim continues to listen to technology needs in his community and build the skillsets of his team in a way that best serves his clients.


Adam Clayson

Adam can only be described as our chief technology whisperer.  Whether he’s wrangling protocols for our new wireless ISP service or designing and installing a custom network security system or debugging code, the boundaries of his virtuosity have not yet been discovered.  Adam joined our team in 2014, already armed with significant certifications, skills and experience in the IT field.  In his time with us he has helped us branch out into new services and honed his expertise at the same time.

It has been said that Adam’s proficiency stems from secret cyborgian origins.  While these rumors can neither be confirmed nor denied, we are happy that his talents (and loyalties, in the event of a singularity) are with Cosner-Neipp.

Ben Bockhahn

Although Ben only joined the Cosner-Neipp team in 2018, we have long been impressed by his work-ethic and diverse talents in the world of community theater (a not-so-secret pastime that most of our office staff have in common).  For those who know Ben from his roles on stage and behind the scenes, you know he’s the guy that will (and generally can) do anything required to get the job done.  And lucky for us, he does that for Cosner-Neipp now, too.

Ben oversees many of the day-to-day operations as our office manager, but also serves as a technician and customer service rep for many of our clients.  And whether we need to produce videos or plan parties or devise systems of organizations that better serve staff and client needs, Ben is typically out front helping figure out how to get it done.  Everyone needs a Ben.  But you can’t have him.  He’s ours.

Jason Swing

Jason is the primary attendant for the help desk at REALMS, one of the clients Cosner-Neipp provides comprehensive IT services to.  He joined our staff in December 2019.  His full-spectrum skills and experience in the technology sector have been a valuable asset for the intensive demands of shifting in and out of Distance Learning.  Jason is always willing to tackle any challenge that comes his way, and tries to find a faster and more efficient way of doing it. 

We are happy to have Jason on our team!



Gabriel Neipp

Gabriel began working at Cosner-Neipp in 2021, during the summer before his senior year at Burroughs High School. Although he has had a life-long interest in figuring how how things work, fixing them, and making them work better, it was during his final year at BHS that his technological gifts began to truly blossom. As a member of the Robotic Burros team 7422B, he was the lead programmer and engineer. His contributions were recognized through the Skills Award and Innovation Award, which helped the team qualify to participate in the VEX Robotics World Championships. Since joining the Cosner-Neipp team full time in 2022, his quiet competency in desktop diagnostics and repairs has earned the trust and appreciation of our customers. He has also led Cosner-Neipp in the expansion into design for 3D printing projects. We are excited to see where else his technical interests lead us!


Peter Neipp

Peter enjoys working with technology at a systems level, but he mostly likes working with people. He  learned this during his 2021 internship with Cosner-Neipp, as well as during his senior year at Burroughs. Peter was the captain and driver of Robotic Burros team 7422B, which qualified for and competed in the 2022 VEX Robotics World Championships. He returned to Cosner-Neipp after graduation, working part-time and going to school in pursuit of a degree and teaching credential in STEM. In an office full of introverts, Peter has become a valuable resource in helping work with our clients to bridge any potential gaps in technological proficiency. He’ll make a great teacher someday, but we are glad to have him for now!

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